VM96 Valve Controller

The VM96 controller is intended for use in both open loop and close loop valve motor drive application with the LED bar indicator, the valve position can be easy to read at a glance.


  • T/C.RTD.Linear input selection.
  • Open Loop. Close Loop Control selection.
  • Auto/manual Bumpless Transfer.
  • LED Bar indicator to show valve position.
  • RS-485 communication with MODUBS RTU mode is available    for option.
  • Standby and Latch mode can be combined with 6  different    alarm function.
  • 2 alarm output
  • Universal Power Supply : 90-264V AC, 50/60Hz.  DC / AC    24V is also available for option.
  • Fuzzy enhanced PID control.
  • Note1: 2nd and 3rd Alarm are available for option. 

Applications :

Indicator / Controller for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure,Air-Conditioning, Gas Detector, DC Current/Voltage, …etc.