DE-HTC N1 : Hot Runner Controller

Features :

• Precision temperature control
• High quality heat sink plate prevents triac damage due to heat
• Precise current monitoring
• Thermocouple failure indication (Open & Reverse), auto terminate output
• Heater failure indication ( Short Circuit, Open & Over current), auto terminate output
• Triac, Fuse broken indication
• Alarm LED indication and Buzzer
• Misconnection between T/c and Heater protection
• 380V overload protection
• Stackable design to saves installation space.
• Handle in front to remove easily.
• Built in NFB switch
• Parameter protection function
• Universal standardized chassis for any brand of module

Casing Specifications
DE-HTC N11 zone2 zones4 zones6 zones8 zones12 zones
Power Switch Capacity(A)None32-2P32-3P32-3P63-3P63-3P
Output Connector4pin+E(ground)16pins x116pins x124pins x116pins x224pins x2
Power Cable2.5mm²x 3C x 3M2.5mm² x 3C x 3M6mm² x 5C x 3M6mm² x 5C x 3M10mm² x 5C x 3M10mm² x 5C x 3M
Dimension W x H x D (mm)96 x 188 x 278223 x 215 x 344323 x 215 x 344424 x 215 x 344524 x 215 x 344726 x 215 x 344
Module Specifications
Specification DE-HTC N1
Control Points 1 zone
Power Input 85~265Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3W
Power Output 3500W,230VAC/15A
Output Mode Phase angel
Input Temp. Sensor J/K type
Temp. Unit °C/°F
Temp. Control Range 45~550°C/ 110~999°F
Alarm Indication & Buzzer Yes
Control Accuracy ±0.5% FS
Measurement Accuracy ±1% FS 
Repeat Measure Accuracy ±0.1% FS)
Storage Temp -40~70°C/-40~158°F
Working Temp 0~55°C/32~131°F
Humidity 10~95%RH.(non-condensing)
Fuse Fast response ceramic F20A 250V 6.3*32
Current Detection Function Yes
Communication Mode Optional