Inheriting State-of-the-Art Technology for Robot Control-Robust Control

The SD3 Servo Amplifier is equipped with servo control which takes advantage of our expertise in LCD and semiconductor robotics. Decoupling command responsiveness and disturbance compensation using observerbased model matching and feedforward, our Servo Amplifier offers control for two degrees of freedom. Even under load fluctuations, you can expect smooth motion without needing to change tuning parameters. This control method is ideal for applications with high rigidity such as ball drives, where you will experience excellent command responsiveness.

【Robust Control】
Maintains expected robustness and stability even when the actual specifications of robots are slightly different from the initially intended control model.

Ultimate Toughness and Low Current Consumption-Magnetic Absolute Encoder

No other type of encoder matches the ultimate toughness of the magnetic rotary encoder – which is its greatest advantage. Magnetic rotary encoders are resistant to oil and dust, and exhibit robust power in harsh production environments. SD3 original 1 pole magnetic absolute encoder has a straightforward, hard-to-break structure, and its resolution is comparable to optical encoders. Our new encoder is your one-stop solution for the ever-challenging threesome of goals: “toughness in harsh environments”, “resolution”, and “cost”. Also, our encoder features battery-free single-turn absolute position detection. Furthermore, its current consumption upon battery backup is among the lowest in the industry.

Learning in the Field and Constantly Evolving-Amplifier Performance

Our new stronger damping filter helps your machine better suppress machine tip wobbles. With the newly developed “γ-notch” filter, you may flexibly set responsiveness in frequency ranges higher than the notch frequency. Our new Servo offers shorter settling time for positioning, while maintaining the same damping features as before.

Specialized Tool Based on Ergonomics-Servo Studio

Servo studio is a powerful Software that eases setup, tuning, state monitoring, and effective use of SD3 Servo Amplifier. Now with its enhanced features, Servo studio is even more user-friendly and powerful. With the greatly enhanced functionality, you can now setup our new damping filter from the intuitive interface, use an additional function “vibration noise frequency measurement (FFT)”, and get a log of the amplifier alarm. In addition, smooth startup of your machine is facilitated through an amplifier point table (that can be set up to 16 points), and the test run features.