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35 years of delivering peace of mind…

For over 35 years, Devanshi has been dedicating itself to delivering complete customer satisfaction. Our product portfolio comprises only those products that meet the highest international quality standards and engineered and manufactured by the only the best in the business. With our headquarters in Mumbai, the country’s commercial capital and 5+ branches spread across the length and breadth of the country, our customers have the assurance of prompt and reliable service delivery right at their doorstep.

Solutions across industries…

The Devanshi product portfolio spans across many different and diverse industries. Be it packaging or plastics, chemical or pharma, veteran industry experts rely on the quality assurance of our brand. We are popularly associated with the plastic industry because of our early association with the industry and our strong expertise in retrofitting of injection molding machines. With demands for automation increasing across various industries, our products are becoming more and more relevant in multiple applications across different industries.

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Devanshi Through the Years

  • Minimize errors through process improvement and use of IT
  • Develop people – individuals and teams
  • Customer centric approach to sales and service
  • Continuous improvement of products and processes


Devanshi will strive to deliver value to its customers by positively impacting their business and profitability by providing the right solution at the right price and by giving foremost importance to quality of service so that our customers can focus on their core business. Devanshi will also strive towards error-free business transactions by implementing systems and processes that minimize errors and through individual commitment to the same.


Integrity: Carry out business with utmost integrity respecting the law of the land while being honest to all stakeholders and the society at large
Camaraderie and Family Spirit: Foster a sense of friendship and togetherness among the people making the company one big family
Personal Accountability and Commitment: Every individual to be committed to the organizational priorities and accountable for the same