About Side Entry IML Solution

DH-S218/320 are multi-functional side entry IML systems. With modular design, it can produce lids, cups, buckets up to 20L and all kinds of other containers.

Line Graph of High Speed Side Entry IML

The Measurement of The Side Entry IML


ModelX1X2ZLWABHHSMax Load(Kg)IMM Size(Ton)

The Characteristic of Side Entry IML Solution

1. Multi-functional: The structure design is good for the production of Lids, Cups, containers and Buckets up to 20L. 

2. Replenish the label without stopping the machine: With the Newly designed structure, it is possible to replenish the label with the machine running in the auto mode safely. 

3. Modular design: With modular design of the magazine and EOAT, it is convenient to change the products line by replacing the magazine and the EOAT sets. 

Standard layout

  • Side Entry Robot
  • Label cassette (Magazine)
  • EOAT (End of Arm Tooling)
  • Static charger
  • Vacuum pump
  • Safety frame
  • Stacking unit (Optional)