Dimension: 198.3 × 345 × 48.58mm

  • The integrated innovative wise technology with reliable Distributed Control System contains higher performance. Software combined with State-of-art window screen to provide smart and instinct object-oriented editing style hybrid switching with simple and popular PLC ladder program editor. His high-speed Ethernet communication network link-up between Humanity Interface and remote devices to displaying the future one-stop control advantages!


  • It can be broadly applied to automated machinery control, such as injection molding extruder machine controllers and equipment


  • Fast software interrupt timing is 0.25ms apply to control, enhance the accuracy of more than 2 times the displacement
  • It is simple to update all of program via USB memory driver
  • DCS control (HMI and Remote I/O module) for easy access of external device and/or controller
  • Various HMI size options: 5.6", 7", 8", 10.4" and 12.1" or touch panel(10.4" & 12.1")
  • High speed Ethernet communication between HMI and Remote I/O module
  • RS485 and Ethernet(Option) Interface
  • State-of-the-art window system HMI Screen Editor design by ARICO
  • PLC ladder editor for process program
  • The Demolished architecture, CPU board can be upgraded to more powerful new one on base main control board
  • It is non-industrial personal computer board, because the CPU of PC update very fast, face stop manufacture and version change, software maintain and cost will go high
  • I/O function define self and shift function
  • Flip up icon of screen and alarm message
  • PLC Real-Time control
  • The 10 levels control for user
  • The present screen picture can be saved via USB port to external memory device (USB memory device)
PLC CPU528MHz266MHz520MHz
Control CPU72MHz266MHz
Time base = 0.25ms
Time base = 0.25ms
1. Higher control precision
2. Software can be updated through USB
Temperature PID Control58
D/I Digital Input24(include 1PRM)3232 / 48
D/O Digital Output243232 / 48
A/D Analog Input16 bit * 314 bit * 616 bit * 616 bit * 8
Start/Stop InputXX0 / 4X
FDA Analog OutputX12 bit * 5(0~+10v)12 bit * 4(0~+10v)X
D/A Analog OutputX12 bit * 0/2(0~+10v)12 bit * 0/4(0~+10v)12 bit * 8/12(0~+10v)
PWM Output2X1XX
RPM Count013
FPGAXPLC CPU & Control CPU data transmitted through a parallel FPGA connection; allows more precise control accuracy
Temperature ModuleMan-machine communication allows 15 sets of temperature module expansions;
each module includes 8-stage temperature control
IO Expansion ModuleXAble to expand 1 module; each module
Able to expand 12 modules; each module
DI / DO * 16 (Max=192)
A/D Expansion ModuleXX16 bit*8
Encoder Expansion ModuleXX32 bit*4