Smart Manufacturing For Tea Factories

Smart Manufacturing For Tea Factories

Smart Mac 4.0 allows the customers to unlock “Intelligence of Things” through digitisation with advanced data analytics for tea factory operations. The application covers processes across the production value chain on the shop floor (from the green leaves received to the processed made tea). The software solution is hosted on cloud, thus eliminating the need for local IT hardware, software, and resources.

Smart Mac 4.0 offers insights via automated online dashboards, reports, and analytics accessible using any device, anytime, anywhere.

What We Deliver


  • Live KPI tracking
    • OEE
    • Resource consumption – energy (electrical & thermal) and labour
    • Out-turn %
    • Best grade tea %
  • Online reports eliminating manual data collection, manual errors
  • Source and quality of green leaves received
  • Identification of process areas of improvement to achieve KPIs
    • Monitoring deviations in process
    • Historical analysis
    • Benchmarking

Shop floor processes covered

  • Withering
  • Vibratory feeder
  • CTC
  • Fermenting
  • Drying
  • Sorting

Utilities covered

  • Boilers
  • DG sets
  • Electrical energy

Resources covered

  • Green leaves received
  • Wood received
  • Manpower utilisation