Retrofitting for Energy Saving

Energy Saving :

With the cost of energy on the rise, keeping your power bills down can ultimately impact your margins hugely. As more and more new injection molding machines come with sevo systems that save energy, it then becomes important for manufacturers to ensure they stay competitive by retrofitting existing machines with servos.

The Baumuller Advantage:

Being the sole distributors of Baumuller in India for injection molding servo systems, we bring to you the best in German technology for injection servo systems. Baumüller is an industry leader for drive systems for injection molding machines. Thanks to years of intensive cooperation with machine manufacturers, Baumüller is able to provide innovative and optimized drive solutions for every branch of the plastics industry.

With its integrated control in the converter, Baumüller servo pumps can be connected to your machine controller with ease. This allows you to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your injection molding machine.

See for yourself and count on the flexibility and innovative strength of Baumüller.

Energy Efficiency and Dynamic Response

Profitability Analysis for a sample Injection Molding Process

With the servo pump, Baumuller combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of a controllable energy source in the form of electrical servo drive technology. 

  • High force and power densities, low inertia
  • Robust, cost-effective drive elements
  • High efficiency
  • High dynamic response, high precision
  • Low noise levels due to use of internal gear pumps

Annual power cost for a conventional hydraulic machine for 300 days for continuous operation and energy unit price of Rs7 per kWh

=30kW/h*7,200*Rs7 = Rs15,12,000

Typical energy consumption reduction of 30%

=15,20,000*30% = Rs4,53,600

Amortization of initial costs in < 1 year

Servo System Benefits At a Glance :

Product advantage
Customer benefit
Significant reduction in energy consumption and therefore energy costs
Amortization of any higher initial costs for servo motor and servo drive usually within 1 year
Excellent regulation characteristics
Easy replacement of electronic-hydraulic variable pump
Integrated closed-loop control in converter;
compensation for hydraulic non-linearities
Ability to connect to machine controller without difficulty (Plug & Play) > Retrofits can be made without adapting the control system
Higher efficiency than a controlled asynchronous motor with variable pump Minimal operating costs
Close partnership with pump manufacturer for optimal system design Optimal configuration with respect to costs, noise and energy efficiency
Large range of air- and water-colled motors and converters (upt to 250 kW) Cost-effective solution adapted to the customer´s specific requirements
Less heat entering the system, thus allowing a smaller cooling system More compact machine design and additional cost reduction due to less cooling demand
Lower noise generation Less effort required for noise insulation