Controller Retrofitting
Controller Retrofitting :

Many a tmes, even when a machine gets quite old, the mechanical components are in good condition but the production is hampered due to downtime and bad controller functions. The control system being old and outdated, its spare parts are either unavailable or expensive and machine is difficult to service. In such cases retrofitting the machine with a state-of-art controller is often the best solution for your business. Old controllers and worn out wiring can lead to frequent downtimes, loss of productivity and difficulty in procuring and installing spares. A superior controller will not increase productivity through better program controls but it will also reduce downtime of your machine.

A typical controller retrofitting project would include:

  • Inspection of the existing to determine components and wiring to determine those that can be workable and those that will have to be replaced
  • State-of-the-art PC-based controller AR1210 series installation
  • Wiring rework
  • Programming of the controller for specific operations

Why Retrofit?

  • Less cost for spares
  • Long term reliability
  • Long-term availability of all components
  • Reduce the risk of machine downtime
  • Improve machine performance
  • Latest in state of the art processing features

Return on Investment:

Shift duration 8 hours
Cavities 4
Production Cost (Rs) 0.5
Overall machine uptime 90%

Cycle Time (seconds) 10.0 9.73.0%
Production (units)11,520.011,876.33.1%
Rejections (units) 138.253.461.3%

Increased production value (Rs) 178.1
Value of reduced rejections (Rs) 42.4
Annual Value delivered (Rs) 21,7344.8
Approximate project cost (Rs) 12,5000.0