FBs Series
  FBs series  
FBs Series:-

The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-input/mtulti-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionality which other brands of PLC’s may require the use of many instructions to achieve this.


Main Unit  
  • Basic Main Units
  • Advanced Main Units
  • Nc Positioning Main Unit
  Right Side Expantion Module
  • Power Supplies For Expantion Module
  • DIO Expantion Units
  • DIO Expantion Modules
  • Thumbweel Switch Modules
  • 16/7 Segment Display Modules
  • AIO Modules
  • Tempature measurement Modules
  • AI +Tempature measurement Combo Modules
  • Voicet Modules
  • Load Cell Modules
  • Potantial Meter Modules
  Left Side Expantion Module
  • Communication Modules
  • A/O Boards
  • Communication Boards
  • Precision Load Cell Modules
  • 3 Axis Motion Control Modules
  • Simple HMI
  Peripheral And Accessories
  • RIFD Card
  • General Purpose Communication Converter
  • Handhell Programming Panal
  • Memmory Pack
  • USB-RS232 Converter Cable
  • Communicationr Cable
  • High Dencity DIO Connection Cable
  • 16/7 Segment LED Display
  • Training Box