• Wiring Friendly design
  • Easy swapping for individual module failures
  • Compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine
  • Automatic ID recognition
  • Fast alternative for 230V / 380V power input


  • Built-in NFB switch
  • Auto/Manual function
  • PID auto temperature control
  • Current, output percentage display function
  • Setting for output percentage limit
  • Heat sink temperature detection
  • Selectable two thermocouple types (J / K)
  • Selectable two temperature scales (°C / °F)
  • Selectable six alarm modes
  • Selectable two output trigger modes (Phase angle / Zero cross)
  • Temperature range: Thermocouple K TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F) / J TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F)
  • RS485 communication function: ASCII and RTU mode
  • Thermocouple break and inverse detect
  • Detection for heater open and short circuits
  • Detection fuse breakage
  • Automatic shutdown for heater abnormality
  • Automatic switch to manual mode if thermocouple breaks